“His work is not the result of fortuitous instants or transitory emotions, but is the fruit of a constant work, elaborated from the complete consciousness of a desire of rationality and from deep reflection”.


I invite the observer, to stay in front of the  work by CIRIZA, without complex approach, nor preconceived theories, but with the motivation and simplicity of an explorer opened for new experiences; with open senses and heart before the celebration of sensations that offers us.

To feel the greatness of the monumental Ciriza, the nobility of his creations that grow from the earth, rising proud and powerful, standing out in the vibrant Navarrese horizon; to sense the frenetic energy that beats under the steel skin, struggling to get out of its formal appearance.


To listen to the dissonant screech of the steel moving on itself to create these movements of masses and volumes, which defy the balance.

To get dazzled by the ephemeral twinkles of light caught between its masses, to guess the future, the trajectory of the movement crystallized in time and space. To be captivated by the poetical magic and by the mystery caught between the form and the space that contains, where the artist has intervened, allowing that the perception of the observer culminates the creative process.


Forge the dream.

Taming the form. One of the prevailing features in the contemporary sculptural art is its faith in form.

The artist’s need of new expressive ways leads him to achieve forms which are more significant than mimetic and more transcendent than representative, given his talent for research.


Emotions Through Painting

Carlos Ciriza, whose painting and sculptures are inseparable, as part of a very personal creative process that seeks the rotundity, simplicity strength, geometry and representation of space.


I see sculpture-painting as the representation of a set of ideas and feelings within a sustained reflexive process and their materialization in durable, simple, rigid media. I have refined and simplified my work in this creative process over the years, arriving at a structural order which dynamizes space, forgin a constant interrelationship between matter, color, volume, void, balance, space and time. I aim to arouse in the viewer a sensitivity towards certain philosophical and aesthetic concepts which exist within nature and humankind.

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