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(Estella-Pamplona (Navarra), España 1964).  
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In his early years, he developed his work with reflections close to the thinking of artists such as Richard Serra, Julio González, Chirino, Henry Moore, Chillida and Oteiza. The latter two are close to him both geographically and in the spirit that encourages their plastic. In this spirit, the space reveals itself as the essential and indispensable element in the sculpture.
In the beginning, he worked with wood, stone, industrial metals and alabaster. Later, he refines his style and defined iron as his main material, searching for inspiration through its forms and textures.
The career that Carlos Ciriza has forged himself in twenty five years shows a continuous progress; a continuous search and a deep investigation of the endless possibilities that can arise in the relation between matter, volume, gravity and balance. His concern about volume, movement and circulation of spaces and voids are a constant in his projects. Movements, balances and conflicting spaces provide solidity, strength and simplicity to the whole of his forms.
His painting is directly interrelated with his sculpture. Through it, the author harmoniously represents forms and small volumetric fragments, combined with masses of color and spaces in different planes, in  murals, slate and paper. Close to the nature, to the poetry and to the music, he basically gets inspired through his thoughts, emotions and personal experiences.
He has specialized himself in large format sculpture installation for public and private spaces. His exhibitions and works are integrated into architectural, urban and natural environments. He has carried out important sculptural works in Spain, Europe and the United States.
His work has been published in different books and catalogues, as well as in media outlets from different countries. Carlos Ciriza is one of the most renowned artists from Navarre, and his presence in America is frequent and periodical. He is presently working in several assignments and monumental projects in the US, Mexico and Europe.
To date, he has made 94 solo exhibitions and participated in 90 group exhibitions.
His works, painting and sculpture, can be found in numerous museums, parks and public and private collections from the following countries: Andorra, Armenia, Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Venezuela and U.S.A.

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